Amulets of the monkey god Hanuman.

Amulets of the Monkey God Hanuman.

The monkey god Hanuman is one of the most popular Hindu gods.
He is the son of god of the wind, and the goddess Anjanâ.
He is described as strong enough to move mountains,
kill demons and even compete in speed with the Garouda.

Hanuman is the patron saint of wrestlers
but also the god of wisdom. and erudition

One of Hanuman 's main characteristics is his unwavering loyalty.
towards his Master Rama to whom he dedicates every moment of his life.
Hanuman is also a great charmer, who among other things charmed
a mermaid and had with her descendants half-apes, half-fish.

Sometimes Hanuman 's amulets simply symbolize him
in the form of his favorite weapon (his Gada club).

Hanuman amulets bring physical strength, courage and invulnerability,
but also great nobility of soul and great charm.

Athletes, soldiers and fighters often seek
the blessings
of the Monkey God Hanuman .

Also any person working

in the social or humanitarian field would be well inspired
to seek the protection of Hanuman .


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