Charming Thai amulets Phra Khunpen.

phra khun paen
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phra khun paen
Phra Khunpen amulets (also spelled Phra Khun Paen )
represent a legendary Thai warrior who lived from 1491 to 1529
in the Kanchanaburi and Suphanburi region.

The first Phra Khunpen amulets are said to have been produced
at Wat Bankrang in the form of simple terracotta votive tablets.
Today we find various types of Phra Khunpen amulets:
phra khun paen warrior
Either in its warrior form (when the desired effects are more prestige,
strength and self-confidence).
phra khunpen
Or in the form of a Buddha (sometimes accompanied by a rooster).

Be still surrounded by pretty naked girls!
(when the desired effect is more to become sexually irresistible.

There are many, many variations of this amulet...
According to Thai tradition, here are the main effects
Phra Khunpen amulets:

- Be very attractive to women.

- Makes its wearer respected and admired by all.

- Gives a lot of courage and self-confidence.

- Makes its wearer very convincing
and helps him easily obtain various favors and services.

- Gives the upper hand in business.

- Success and victory in all your projects.

- Powerful protection against weapons and accidents.


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