Amulets from Thailand.

The amulet families of Thailand.

Amulets of Buddha Phra Somdej (+ Venerable LP Toh).

protective buddha phra pitta Amulets of the protective Buddha Phra Pidta.

mae thorani earth goddess thailand Thai fertility amulets of the earth goddess Mae Thorani .

amulet thailand ball look sakot
Various ball amulets: Look Aum, Look Geow, Look Nimit...

the magic power rings of thailand
Magic rings of power .

Protective Buddhist bracelets .

Thai magic belts.
Thai magic belts.

bia geow protective amulet against ghosts
Thai amulets against black magic and evil spirits: Bia Geow and Hou .

Thai amulets sacred scrolls Takut .

phra kling amulet thailand
Thai amulets of Phra Kling Buddha .

luang phor sothorn amulet thailand
Thai amulets of Luang Phor Sothorn Buddha.

Thai amulets of Phra Buddha Chinnaraj Buddha .

luang phor thuat amulets Thai amulets from Luang Phor Thuat .

phra keow morakot
Thai amulets of the Emerald Buddha .

the reclining buddha phra nön
Thai amulets of the reclining Buddha: Phra Nön .

the standing buddha thailand
Thai amulets of the standing Buddha .

buddha of the days of the week thailand
Thai Buddha amulets of the days of the week .

the baby buddha + relics of lumbini
Thai amulets of the baby Buddha (Phra Puthadjao Noy)
+ relics of Lumbini .

the historical buddha
Thai amulets of Sakyamuni Buddha.
(Historical Buddha Phra Buddhadjao ).

dharmachakra Thai Amulets Wheel of Dharma Dharmachakra .

imprint of phra puthabat buddha
Thai amulets of the sacred footprints of the Buddha: Phra Puthabat .

Thai amulets of Maitreya Buddha (Buddha of the future) .

jathukam rammathep
Thai amulets from Jatukham Rammathep .

lersi hermit of thailand Thai amulets of Lersi hermits .

phra siwali hermit monk from thailand
Thai amulets of forest monks Phra Siwali .

Buddha of fortune phra sanghajai
Thai Fortune Buddha Amulets Phra Sanghajai.

phra khunpen
Phra Khunpen charming Thai amulets .

Thai Chuchok amulets (charm and fortune) .

mae nang kwak amulets
Thai amulets of the goddess of fortune Mae Nang Kwak .

magic medal of thailand
ThaiRian Buddhist medals .

Roop Lor amulet - image of Buddhist master from Thailand
Thai Roop Lor amulets.

(images of Venerable Thai monks).

ancient amulets and sacred objects
Thai amulets and ancient sacred objects .

Various and unclassifiable amulets
Various and unclassifiable Thai amulets .


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