Sending your orders.


Orders are sent from Thailand via EMS
( Express Mail Service ) with a tracking number and delivery against signature.

Shipping is made within two working days after ordering,
delivery to you then takes approximately 8 to 10 days.

Shipping costs are only €9 for an amulet,
and €11.75 for up to 4 amulets.

It will therefore always be financially wiser for you to spend
one order of several amulets
than ordering them one by one separately.

Please also note that Thai Post (EMS) does not allow shipments
of more than 2 kilograms so if you wish to order for example several statues you will have to order them separately
and will receive them in several separate boxes.

As for any customs fees, they are your responsibility and of course depend on the country where you live.

We do everything possible to declare your items to avoid you paying (too much) customs fees but we have no magic wand
who can definitely avoid them.