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Amulette cambodgienne du Dieu des enfers Yama.

Cambodian amulet of the god of the underworld Yama. #52

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Cambodian amulet of the god of the underworld Yama .

These black and red lacquered terracotta amulets were made by a Cambodian Ajarn from the Sri Saket region.
On the front we can see the God of the Underworld surrounded by fairly indistinct characters (on some amulets, two characters, on others four, and even an amulet with a cow in the foreground!).

Amulets of the God Yama are very unusual and few people want to wear an image of the God of the underworld, perhaps to avoid attracting his attention?
That said, these amulets are seen as powerful protections against black magic and against the effects of negative Karma.

Height: 5 cm.
Width: 4 cm.
Weight: approximately 28 grams.
Custom decorated reliquary: Yes.