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Amulette khuman thong de luang phor pern du wat bang phra.

Fortune Khuman Thong Amulet - Most Venerable LP Pern. #23

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Fortune Khuman Thong amulet blessed bythe Most Venerable LP Pern of Wat Bang Phra (Nakhon Chaïssi).

This limited series of makeshift Khuman Thong Roon Phiset was blessed in the year 2000 by the Most Venerable Luang Phor Pern.
These amulets are made of geis metal (coming from ancient ingots found under a temple in Cambodia) and in their base we find consecration wax.

These tiny Khuman Thongs are not really meant to be worn as a pendant, but rather to be placed in an empty, unconsecrated Khuman Thong statue to animate it and make it active.

This khuman Thong is represented seated in lotus, carrying a bag of fortune in his hands, it is clearly a Khuman Thong intended to attract abundance where it will be kept with respect.

Rare opportunity to obtain an authentic Khuman Thong amulet blessed by one of the most revered Masters of the tradition of the Kingdom of Siam.

Please DO NOT purchase these Khuman Thongs if you do not know precisely what a Khuman Thong is and if you do not know how to properly care for them.

Height: 2.4 cm.
Width: 1.4 cm.
Weight: approximately 5 grams.
Original temple box: Yes.