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Amulette protectrice Phra Pidta - Très Vénérable LP Kui du Wat Satakian.

Protective amulet Phra Pidta - Most Venerable LP Kui of Wat Satakian. #47

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Phra Pidta protective amulet blessed by the Most Venerable LP Kui of Wat Satakian (Petchaboon).

Small black amulet of the protective Buddha Phra Pidta by the Most Venerable Luang Phor Kui. These very simple amulets were distributed by the Venerable to his visitors, he often had a large monk's bowl full of them available near him when he received his disciples.

The amulets of the Most Venerable LP Kui are rare and sought after today because they have an excellent reputation following numerous cases of people having been protected from serious accidents or firearms by his amulets.

Height: 4 cm.
Width: 3 cm.
Weight: approximately 20 grams.
New custom decorated reliquary: Yes.

Photo of the Venerable offered.