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Amulette relique du bouddha luang phor sothorn

Thai Luang Phor Sothorn amulet made from relics of Wat Luang Phor Sothorn. #26

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Thai amulet of Luang Phor Sothorn Buddha made of old tiles crushed from the roof of the main temple of Wat Luang Phor Sothorn Wararam (Chachoengsao).

This limited series of Luang Phor Sothorn Buddha amulets called Phra Phong Kabuang Lanka Bot is considered very sacred and precious because according to Thai tradition, ancient building materials from a temple concentrated for decades the powerful energies and merits generated during the monks' meditations, which makes them powerful talismans, especially if as in this case they come from the roof of a very famous temple where they were also close to the legendary statues of Wat Luang Phor Sothorn.

Excellent amulet both as general protection and for wishes.

Height: 4 cm.
Width: 3 cm.
Weight: approximately 20 grams.
New custom-made reliquary: Yes.
Original temple box: Yes.

ATTENTION: Unfortunately, we find quite often on the market false amulets made of "tile relics", very inexpensive but unfortunately made from ordinary sand and therefore absolutely without any virtues...