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Amulette Thaï Singtho - Très Vénérable Pothan Kiew.
Amulette Thaï Singtho - Très Vénérable Pothan Kiew.

Thai Singtho Amulet - Most Venerable Pothan Kiew. #56

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Thai Singtho Mahaséti amulet consecrated by the Most Venerable Pothan Kiew Kitikuno of Wat Huae Ngo (Pathani).

Beautiful, very detailed amulet in the shape of a mythical lion SinghTo (first edition) dedicated on June 18, 2015 to celebrate the 86th birthday of the Venerable.
Most Venerable Pothan Kiew does not consecrate many amulets, and these are highly sought after because they have an excellent reputation for their magical effectiveness.

Singhto mythical giant lion talismans are known to give great self-confidence, courage and physical strength to their wearer.
This amulet has also received a special Mahaséti blessing to increase the charm of the person who wears it.

Height: 2.5 cm.
Width: 3 cm.
Weight: approximately 14 grams.
Original temple box: Yes.