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Amulette visage du Bouddha d'or - Vénérable Phra Ajarn Song.

Golden Buddha face amulet - Venerable Phra Ajarn Song. #53

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Golden Buddha face amulet consecrated by Venerable Phra Ajarn Song.

Beautiful little golden amulet of the face of the Buddha, with a red fancy stone and a sacred Takut scroll on the back.

The symbol of this amulet is that if you post it, the Buddha witnesses all your actions and whether they are good or bad, he smiles at you regardless.
This talisman should be seen as an encouragement to behave ethically and to do good around you to improve yourself while improving the world little by little.

Height: 3.5 cm.
Width: 2.2 cm.
Weight: approximately 6 grams.
New custom-made waterproof reliquary: Yes.