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Magic ring of protection and meditation - Wat Kositharam. #73

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Sacred Wen Mön Phrakarn Chinnabunchon ring consecrated by Venerable Ajarn Somchit Thianchan (Ajarn Tao Suphan) of Wat Kositharam.

These rings were made at Wat Kositharam by a Venerable of the lineage of the Most Venerable Luang Phor Kuay, following an original model of sacred rings of Venerable LP Kuay and also using ancient metals having been consecrated by LP Kuay (among others damaged bronze scabbards of Phra Karn ritual daggers).
These rings are in bronze "made in temple", very rustic in construction, and all have various small imperfections (for example they are NOT perfectly round nor perfectly polished on the inside).

These are good rings both for protection from physical and/or esoteric dangers, and also they promote the practice of meditation and the development of mystical powers.

PLEASE NOTE: many sellers offer cheap copies of these rings as "original LP KUAY rings", which is obviously a gross lie, an original LP Kuay ring is not only impossible to find but would also be worth several thousand euro.