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Bille protectrice contre la magie noire look sakot. SALE

Protective alchemical ball against black magic - Thai Look Sakot amulet. #19

€19,00 €25,00
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Alchemical protective ball against black magic -
Look Sakot spell bead in mekkapat alchemical alloy
a multi-colored cord blesses Sai Sin.

Beads used to protect their wearer against bad spells.

Thai Look Sakot amulets are considered by Thai tradition to be alive and capable of "eating" bad spells and feeding on them,
over time they gain more and more strength
and often even end up growing physically.
We can also quite often see these Look Sakot beads change color,
and become
blue , green , silver or black...

Unlike all other spell protections in existence,
The more you are attacked, the stronger your protection becomes!

However, in the event of a massive attack of black magic, it may happen that a sakot look ball splits, it must then be changed.
Also Mekkapat being a material quite close to cast iron or ceramic, in the event of an impact on a hard surface it can occur
to see a Look Sakot pearl break.

Traditional sakot look spell beads having been made in an artisanal manner
by a female alchemist from Bangkok.

Look Sakot beads are by far the amulets for protection against black magic with the best value for money and have for years been one of the best-selling products on our store.

For a limited time we are offering them on sale for only €19 , take advantage if you want to have one or two in advance or as a gift.


Diameter: approximately 20 mm.
Weight: approximately 25 grams.
Free multicolored Saï Sin blessed cord.