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Bougie sacrée du très vénérable luang phor pern.

Candle dedicated to the tigers of Wat Bang Phra (Temple of the Most Venerable LP Pern). #8

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Sacred Tian Suthep candle blessed in Wat Bang Phra ( temple of the Most Venerable Luang Phor Pern ).

This saffron-colored consecrated candle is decorated with an image of Venerable LP Pern surrounded by two tigers and several Yant and prayers in Pali.
These ritual candles are used when you want to consecrate a place, make a wish or even obtain protection before going to a place that you consider dangerous. In Thailand, for example, these candles from the Luang Phor Pern temple are popular with young Thais who go to the draw for national service, to pray and obtain a result in accordance with their desires (some wish to become soldiers, others no way...).

Height: 24 cm.
Weight: 60 grams.