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Boules et billes de cristal de méditation - Wat Sakai.
Boules et billes de cristal de méditation - Wat Sakai.

Meditation crystal balls and beads - Wat Sakai. #75

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Look Geow Samadhi crystal balls and beads blessed at Wat Sakai (Temple of the Most Venerable LP Dooh ).

Beautiful meditation crystal balls in various colors, engraved and consecrated by the monks of Wat Sakai.

We use these balls by taking them in the palm of our hands during meditation .
Having these meditation tools will help you first achieve correct posture and then help you experience deeper and deeper meditative states.

You can choose your ball according to your tastes, your spiritual practice
(for example if we practice the Medicine Buddha we will choose blue)
or even the color of his day of birth.


Meditation balls:
Diameter: 4 cm.
Weight: approximately 75 grams.

Meditation beads:
Diameter: 2 cm.
Weight: approximately 15 grams.
New custom-made reliquary: Yes.

Original temple box: Yes.
Phonetic Khata (activation prayer): Yes.
Ritual instructions in French: Yes.
Photo of the Venerable offered.