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<a title="Crèmes magiques de charme kee phung." href="">Crème magique parfumée de charme Kee Phung</a> du Lersi à face de tigre consacrée par le Vénérable Acharn Khunpan.

Charming Scented Magic Cream Kee Phung Lersi Na Seuar - Venerable Acharn Khunpan. #42

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Kee Phung Charming Magic Scented Cream of Tiger-faced Lersi consecrated by Venerable Acharn Khunpan.

This magical pink and gold Kee Phung cream is delicately scented and contains two sacred Takut scrolls and a bronze Sian Lersi amulet ( Lersi mask).
This Kee Phung cream was made by Acharn Khunpan from an old recipe containing beeswax and various plant essences.

This magical cream gives great charm for a few hours to those who wear it. To use it, simply apply a tiny amount of this cream to your lips and eyelids.

Diameter: 6 cm.
Weight: approximately 60 grams.