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Géodes sacrées des nâgas.
Géodes sacrées des nâgas.

Sacred geodes of the Nagas. #51

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Sacred geodes from Mekhong (Udon Thani region)
and containing a Naga crystal .

Sacred geode of the Nagas.
When you open one of these geodes, you discover a Naga crystal inside.
The shape and color of the crystal inside varies, sometimes even
(very rarely) that we find two crystals in a single geode.

A nice customer was kind enough to send me
this video of the opening of his geode.

These geodes weigh approximately 150 to 200 grams, each piece is obviously unique.

After opening (or not!) these geodes, you keep them on your Altar
as a sacred object to attract benevolence
and the blessings of the water spirits.