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Grande amulette vaudou Thaï de Mae Hong Praï - Vénérable Acharn Khunpan.

Large Thai voodoo amulet of Mae Hong Praï - Venerable Acharn Khunpan. #32

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Large Praï (Thai Voodoo) amulet ofMae Hong Praï by Venerable Acharn Khunpan.

This strange Mae Hong Praï amulet is composed of a skeleton carved from water buffalo bone, with a black vegetable paste on the back and several takut, Eee-Per amulets, two bottles of consecration wax, an eye in ceramic and a small skull also in ceramic. Everything is placed in a custom-made waterproof reliquary, with oil and gold leaf.

This amulet traditionally serves as protection against accidents and for the purpose of sexual encounters.
We keep this type of talisman on an altar dedicated to Barang practices and we use it to make wishes, we do NOT wear it as a pendant.

Height: 8 cm.
Width: 5.5 cm.
Weight: approximately 43 grams.
Custom waterproof reliquary: Yes.