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Large three-faced Lersi amulets - Wat Khao Lem # 130

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Beautiful large three-faced Lersi amulets consecrated in 2023 at Wat Khao Lem (Temple of the Most Venerable LP Kallong).

These large three-faced Lersi amulets were consecrated by the monks of Wat Khao Lem and come in three colors (beige, red and black - I didn't take the beige color because I found it quite ugly). They are good protection against black magic and evil spirits, and amulets conducive to the practice of meditation.

Good opportunity to obtain beautiful amulets giving the blessings of the lineage of the Most Venerable LP Kallong for a low price.

Height: 7.5 cm.
Width: 4.5 cm.
Weight: approximately 45 grams.
New custom-made reliquary: Yes.
Photo card of the Venerable offered.