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Huile sacrée nam man deng mahasané.

Magical scented oil of charm and fortune from Goddess Mae Nang Kwak - Venerable Acharn Khunpan. #44

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Magical scented oil of charm and fortune Nam Man Deng Mahasané of the goddess Mae Nang Kwak by Venerable Acharn Khunpan.

This fragrance oil contains various plant essences, a Dok Mae Rak flower (the flower of love) and gold leaf.

In Thailand this type of magic oil combining the attributes of charm and fortune is used by actresses, saleswomen and also girls of joy, to ensure that they are attractive to their potential customers.

It is a "pure and holy" version of Nam Man Praï charming oils, with the same powers but without the disgusting ingredients and dark rituals that characterize Nam Man Praï oils.

To use this oil, simply use it as a perfume (a small drop behind each earlobe and also in the neckline for women).
This oil can also be used to re-consecrate and "boost"
amulets of charm and fortune.

Height: 7 cm.
Width: 4.5 cm.
Weight: 75 grams.