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Joli petit pendentif du démon gardien Tao Wessuwan du Wat Ratchanadaram

Nice little pendant of the guardian demon Tao Wessuwan from Wat Ratchanadaram. #31

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Pretty little golden pendant of the guardian demon Tao Wessuwan of Wat Ratchanadaram.

This pendant features the guardian demon Tao Wessuwan in a very cute childish appearance.
Despite the small size of this talisman the level of detail is really very good!

The amulets of Tao Wessuwan are not only protections against evil forces, but also good amulets of fortune because Tao Wessuwan is known as the brother of Kubéra and therefore to help those who respect him to have at least the minimum to have a comfortable life.

Height: 3 cm.
Width: 1.5 cm.
Weight: approximately 4 grams.
Custom waterproof reliquary: Yes.