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Khuman Thong Ae Kai.

Khuman Thong Ae Kai. #170

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Small black statuette of the Khuman Thong Ae Kai of Wat Chedi (Nakhon Sri Thammarat).
The Khuman Thong Ae Kai is shown standing, hands clasped and...the penis in the air.
His original statue is located at Wat Chedi, a temple in Nakhon Sri Thammarat
but we find large statues of Ae Kai
in various locations in Thailand
(such as in a shopping mall in Bangkok)
where the faithful come to make offerings to him and burn his special incense
in the hope of winning the jackpot in the lottery or having their wishes granted.
Height: 52mm.
Width: 18mm.
Weight: approximately 35 grams.