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Lek Lai See Ngern - Promotes meditation and obtaining Siddhi (paranormal powers) #176

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Rare specimens of Lek Lai See Ngern (Silver Lek Laï) in the form of "drops" produced by an alchemist from Bangkok.

This rare type of Lek Laï is an aid to the practice of meditation (you take it in your hands to meditate) and will help you to obtain deeper and deeper states of meditation and ultimately with practice to develop your paranormal abilities ( telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis...).
Traditionally this Lek Lai was used by Lersi hermits, who passed them on to forest monks during their Thudong retreats and this is how this type of Lek Lai came down to us.

The Lek Lai that I offer you here are new and have never been used, only the alchemist who produced them and I myself have touched them.
They are therefore very pure without having been able to accumulate the slightest negative influence.
Note that this Lek Lai can sometimes turn black on the surface due to oxidation, so simply clean it with a brass cleaner or even...toothpaste!


Length: 5cm.
Weight: approximately 30 grams.