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Perles reliques minérales dorées Phratat Thong - Relique du sang du Bouddha.
Perles reliques minérales dorées Phratat Thong - Relique du sang du Bouddha.

Golden Phratat Thong Mineral Relic Beads - Buddha Blood Relic. #33

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Phratat Thong golden mineral relic beads called Buddha Blood Relic .

Phratat Relic Beads are small mineral beads found in nature in some rivers and caves in Thailand. The monks sort them one by one and carefully preserve them as relics because according to ancient texts one of the eight parts of the relics from the cremation of the historical Buddha was given to the King of the Nagas by pouring them into the Ganges, and over the millennia These relics have multiplied to such an extent that they can be found in many of the rivers of Asia.
It is true that if we place these relic pearls in contact with water, we can observe a multiplication, certainly modest but very real (see the video below).

There are Phratat relic beads of various colors, each referred to by tradition as a relic of a specific part of the Buddha's body.
The golden Phratat Thong relics are said to be “Buddha Blood Relics”.

The mineral relic pearls offered to you here come from the Prachuap Kirikan region and were collected in the Khao Sam Roï Yot natural park.

These Phratat Thonng relics are offered to you in tubular reliquaries in stainless steel and glass. They can be worn as a pendant, added to a Buddhist rosary or even placed in a statue of the Buddha to charge it.


Width: 4 cm.
Diameter: 8mm.
Weight: approximately 6 grams.
New custom-made reliquary: Yes.