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Perles reliques Sarira rouges dans un reliquaire doré.

Red Sarira relic beads in a golden reliquary. #92

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Beautiful red Sarira (Ringsel) relic beads in a gold decorated reliquary.

I obtained these relics through a private collector whom I have encountered quite regularly at amulet collectors' gatherings for years, who told me that he had obtained them from a Venerable in the Lampang region. When I received these relics they were preserved in an ancient bottle of Lipovitan (the Japanese ancestor of Red Bull), which is typical of the way in which some old Thai monks preserve mineral relics (in their eyes what is important is to keep these pearls safe, not that the container is decorative).

In the same way the gentleman who got me these relics was unable to give me their exact origin, as almost always in Thailand relic pearls are "relics of Buddha Arahants of the past" without further details.

I later obtained decorated golden reliquaries and placed them in them, realizing in passing that these relics change color (for no apparent reason some pearls change from red to pink, yes sometimes even become translucent).
This curious phenomenon proves in any case that these are not simple beads of glass or stone but Sarira relics.

It is possible to wear these relics as pendants, but I suggest you instead keep them on your altar, or even better, place them in a statue of the Buddha or in a stupa to keep them protected in a respectful manner.

Height: 3 cm.
Width: 2 cm.
Weight: approximately 10 grams.
New custom decorated reliquary: Yes.