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Statue du démon protecteur tao wessuwan bénie par le très vénérable luang phor dooh.
Reliques du wat sakai.

Precious statue of the protector Tao Wessuwan blessed by the Most Venerable LP Dooh of Wat Sakai. #3

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Beautiful statue of the protective demon Tao Wessuwan dedicated by the Most Venerable Luang Phor Dooh of Wat Sakai.

This red and gold polychrome bronze statue was dedicated in the 1980s at Wat Sakai by the Most Venerable LP Dooh.
This is a rather unusual image of the guardian demon Tao Wessuwan depicted seated in a meditation posture (the most common posture depicts him standing).

As is often the case when it comes to authentic statues from Wat Sakai, the base of this piece contains various relics and an amulet of Phra Phrom, which have become covered in white Phratat relic crystals over time.

In addition to being a beautiful ancient object of worship, this statue not only brings the blessings of Venerable Luang Phor Dooh and the lineage of his Masters, but it is also a powerful protection and finally a sacred object that will attract abundance where it will be preserved with respect.

UNIQUE OBJECT obtained directly from the head of the Wat Sakai faithful committee.

Height: 18 cm.
Width: 12cm.
Weight: 1000 grams.