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Rare et puissante amulette en Cintramani du Très Vénérable LP Pern.

Rare and powerful Cintramani amulet of the Most Venerable LP Pern. #66

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Rare and powerful Cintramani amulet of the Most Venerable LP Pern of Wat Bang Phra (Nakhon Chaïssi).

This amulet represents the Most Venerable Luang Phor Pern seated on a sacred boar.
This very limited series of amulets called Nang Bon Lang Mooh Pa (Roon Phiset) dates from 1991 and is made of sacred Neuar Ya Cintramani paste, with a gold takut on the front.

Cintramani is a mixture of sacred plants and minerals and is considered in Southeast Asian Buddhism as "the Jewel that grants wishes" , a magical substance that is both very rare and extremely precious.
Today, as far as I know, there remains no Venerable who still fully masters the recipe and the many ritual stages of making Cintramani. The last recognized Master who knew how to make it was the Very Venerable LP Djua who left us in 2009.

I was very lucky to be able to obtain some of these Cintramani amulets from Luang Phor Pern during Waï Kru 2024 at Wat Bang Phra.
Whether you are an advanced collector, a disciple of the lineage of the Most Venerable LP Pern or simply a person who wishes to obtain an excellent amulet for wishes, do not miss this opportunity because I do not think you will often find this type of amulets.

Height: 5.5 cm.
Width: 3.4 cm.
Weight: approximately 28 grams.
Custom decorated reliquary: Yes.
Original temple box: Yes.