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Reliques de sariputra.

Authentic relics of Sariputra - Wat Thong Sala Ngam. #22

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Mineral relics of the chief disciple of the historic Buddha from the collections of the Patriarch of Sri Lanka.
I obtained these relics from Wat Thong Sala Ngam in Thailand, the Abbot of this temple received these relics directly from the hands of the Patriarch of Sri Lanka during a pilgrimage.

Over time these relics have multiplied and Wat Thong Sala Ngam shares them with the disciples of the temple (against a donation to participate in the renovation work of the temple).

An old lady, a disciple of the temple, who participated in the pilgrimage to Sri Lanka told me that if we meditate for a long time on these relics, they multiply and sometimes even produce other types of relic beads such as red relics. "from the blood of the Buddha". Faced with my surprise (or even my skepticism) this lady told me to stay and wait for her, left for her house and half an hour later she brought back a small stupa filled with an oily substance, mineral relics from Sariputra and also curious dark red pearls.
This lady told me that she managed to make these pearls materialize during her meditations with relics of Sariputra. This old lady had nothing to gain from lying to me or selling out to me, so I completely trust her testimony.

Here you have a unique opportunity to obtain a Sariputra relic, certified authentic by a temple and by the Supreme Patriarch of Sri Lanka.

Please do not order if you do not intend to treat these precious relics with appropriate respect.

If you order, you will receive one light bead and three dark beads with a small blue and white ceramic tray.
The shape and size of these mineral relics is of course variable.