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Blue Sarira relics and Naga eye lingam - Wat Pochaï. #52

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Blue Sarira relics and red Naga eye lingam from Wat Pochaï.

Beautiful faceted glass reliquary with blue sarira relic beads inside and a small red Naga crystal lingam.

Wat Pochaï is a temple in the city of Nongkhaï which has a strong link with the Nagas, this temple exhibits among other things numerous Naga fossils and every year balls of red fire come out of the Mekhong in this region. It is also in this region that we find the famous stones of the Nagas Dta Payanag.

You can keep these relic stones on your altar or place them in a statue of the Buddha to charge it.

Height: 4 cm.
Width: 4 cm.
Total weight: 50 grams.