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Statue de ganesh de fortune bénie par le très vénérable luang phor dooh.

Statue of Phra Pikanet (Ganesh) dedicated by the Most Venerable LP Dooh. #4

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Beautiful statue of the elephant god Ganesh (Thai: Phra Pikanet) dedicated in 1989 by the Most Venerable Luang Phor Dooh of Wat Sakai.

This pretty statue represents Ganesh seated in a meditation posture, with a Khmer style crown, making with his right hand the typical gesture of the goddess of fortune Mae Nang Kwak and carrying in his left hand a well-filled fortune bag.

Like most of the statues consecrated by the Most Venerable LP Dooh, the base of this one contains various relics and amulets which have miraculously become covered in white Phratat relic snow over time.

This pretty statue of Phra Pikanet will attract fortune where it will be kept with respect and will protect the inhabitants of the home while transmitting to them the blessings of the Most Venerable LP Dooh and the lineage of his Masters.

Height: 18 cm.
Width: 9.5 cm.
Weight: 800 grams.