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Statuette Khuman Thong en bois sculpté - Wat Païlom.

Khuman Thong statuette in carved wood - Wat Païlom. #68

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Beautiful little Khuman Thong statuettes in polychrome carved wood consecrated by an Ajarn of the lineage of Wat Païlom ( Temple of the Most Venerable LP Poon ).

These statuettes date from the very beginning of the 2000s but appear older. They are carved from a very hard wood which "sounds" like ceramic when you strike these statuettes. Under these statuettes we see the paste of consecration ashes which was used to animate them.

I was only able to obtain 3 of these statuettes, and my feeling is that the spirits which animate them are beneficial and benevolent, therefore good Khuman Thong for anyone wishing to start this practice in good conditions.

Height: 7.5 cm.
Width: 5 cm.
Weight: approximately 40 grams.