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Jao Ngo Pha de luang phor suwang.

Votive statuette of Jao Ngo Pha - Most Venerable LP Suwang. #25

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Curious votive statuette of Jao Ngo Pha in dark terracotta blessed by the Most Venerable Luang Phor Suwang of Wat Prai Pathana (Sri Saket).

In Thai culture, Jao Ngo Pha is a rather enigmatic legendary character, who personifies certain dark-skinned indigenous populations who still live today in the jungles of the south of the country.
This deity has surprising magical abilities, for example being able to hide in a fruit, make himself invisible and invulnerable, survive in very inhospitable places, easily convince others to do what he desires and charm the opposite sex with disarming ease!

Like many of the amulets of the Most Venerable LLuang Phor Suwang, these amulets were cooked during a ritual of offerings in the fire, then buried for years near one of the small secondary temples of Wat Prai Pathana, only those which survived This shock treatment without breaking are "active" and worthy of being placed on an Altar.

Height: 8 cm.
Width: 3 cm.
Weight: 40 grams.